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Seasonal Maintenance
Our Certified Technicians are equipped with ample experience, quality replacement parts, and eagerness to satisfy your requests.  We perform Spring Start Ups, Winterizing, and other irrigation maintenance demands throughout a season.

Spring Start Up

A proper Spring "Start-Up" is extremely important. It will uncover any "over-winter" issues, and set your system for optimal watering for the beginning of the season.
  • Pressurize the system - will uncover mainline leaks
  • Test the timer/controller
  • Test all zones
  • Check coverage of all irrigated areas
  • Check performance & adjustment of all heads
  • Make minor repairs - i.e. pipe breaks, raise/lower heads
  • Check Rainsensor
  • Program timer for automatic operation
In some situations, there may be need for major repairs to a system. We only make significant repairs if it is authorized by the homeowner.  We suggest that you check your system monthly to ensure it is operating properly. A manual test of each zone for a few minutes is a good idea. If any problems are uncovered, you can contact us.

Mid-Season Inspection

The price of water is increasing all the time. The "mid-season" (late July - August) is the perfect time to be certain your system is working as it should.  A Re-Programming of the timer is essential to adjust watering rates according to the season.  This service is usually reserved for Commercial systems or large residential systems. Especially where vandalism and pedestrian or vehicle damage could be prevalent.

Thousands of gallons will be lost if a leak goes unchecked.

Guaranteed Winterizing

A proper "blow-out" is essential for the protection of your system. A minimum of 90 cfm is need to clear irrigation lines.
A shop compressor will not do the job - it could actually damage your system with its high p.s.i.!

To protect your investment, it must be done right. Many so-called "specialists" or "low-ballers" appear in the Fall to offer winterizing. You can only hope they'll be around next year if there is a problem.

We winterize hundreds of systems every year - we guarantee our work.
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